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A Giant Gathering

The Giant, 1923, by NC Wyeth. Source: Flickr


  1. Hi Lewis! Reading through your storybook introduction honestly had me laughing out loud in the best way possible. It was SO entertaining to read and I'm genuinely excited to get to read your stories throughout the remainder of the semester! I love how you told the introduction in first person while adding in humor and commentary along the way. I also think the idea you're going in for your stories is very unique and you will have a lot of content to go off of for some really good stories that you'll be able to make your own – I wouldn't have ever thought to make a storybook like this and tell these stories from the perspectives of the giants themselves, while adding a cute modern twist of a reporter and a convention. I know we are supposed to give constructive feedback, but I can't find anything about your introduction that I would change – it was that good! Good luck with your story book!

  2. Hey Lewis,
    Love your introduction! I love how you write from the viewpoint of someone in the story. Really pulled me in and I feel like I am already reading one of your stories. You have a great voice in this introduction, and I am excited to see how you write in your stories! Your voice in the introduction communicates excitement, energy, curiosity, which all fit the idea of a reporter! Great job introducing some of the characters you will be expanding on in your storybook. I like how each of the characters have a little bit of an introduction to who they are. I like the idea of a convention and I like the name of it, but I am a little confused about what it is and its purpose. Also, I am confused if it already has happened or is the convention in the future? It doesn't take much away from the introduction for me, but that's the main recommendation I have. Overall, incredible introduction, Lewis!

  3. Hey Lewis!
    Thanks for commenting on my Kintaro storybook's comment wall. I still haven't decided exactly what my supervillain will be, but it's gotta be huge... Maybe I will combine some monsters from existing Japanese folklores with a sci-fi space monster of my own (like a planet or black hole sized threat)... I'm open to hearing suggestions if you've got any. Anyway, I just read the introduction for your storybook as well and I think it's great! I like the humorous title, calling giants "vertically gifted," and I like the narration style you use.The narration style makes me feel like I'm immersed in a fantasy world when I'm reading it.
    Also, I am curious, did you mention the "original" giant meeting happening in 1921 as a reference to the Giants winning the World Series that year? I know that is a very random fact but I did not have it memorized myself, I just googled "1921 giants convention" because I was curious if your story was grounded in reality at all. Lol.

  4. Hello Lewis!

    Your title = pure gold. Though I am not nearly as tall as a giant, I am often referred to as tall and I like the idea of being vertically gifted instead of just tall. Reading your intro had me snort a few times and I am honestly excited to see the stories you create for the famous giants we all know and (mostly) love.
    Alternate tellings of stories are honestly some of my favorite things when it comes to bringing back classical tales. Also, I like how your intro has a short of carnival-esque announcement style, with the feeling of "Come one, come all!" If I saw your intro on the back of a book, I would surely pick it up for further reading.
    I am excited to read the sides of the famous giants, and perhaps some lesser known giants *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*. I think it will be fun to hear about the reporter's experiences amongst the giants too. Such as, what if they have to go to the bathroom? Are there smaller bathrooms or only giant sized ones? In a way, it is like entering an entirely different culture!

    Looking forward to your updates!

  5. Hi Lewis!

    Your introduction is hilarious. I can't wait to read more. Right off the bat it felt humorous and real! And to tell it in the perspective of a reporter? Absolutely brilliant. I'm afraid I don't know the stories like Goliath, but you presented them in such a way that now I DO want to know those stories, AND I want to know 'what really happened.' Overall the introduction flowed really well. I got stuck on one sentence:
    [First off, it is the centennial event, the original get together having been held in 1921, and therefore saw a record turnout of giants in the hundreds.]
    I think breaking it up into either parenthesis or hyphens for the side-note or a separate sentence would clear it up :) Are you planning to include the story of Jack and the Beanstalk too? However if they live among us and not up in the clouds that would pose a challenge, but it would be super interesting to see 'the giant's take' on that story.

  6. Hi Lewis!
    Alright, not going to lie, I full on snorted at “The Annual Convention of the Vertically Gifted”. You certainly took this a direction I was not expecting, but I definitely did enjoy it! The way you write reminds me of the newscasters in comedy shows. This was very entertaining, and I cannot wait to read your stories! I tend to go more dramatic with my stories (and by extension, my storybook), so it was very refreshing to open this without knowing what to expect and laughing almost immediately. There is not a lot I would change about this introduction. The only thing I can think of is in the last paragraph. You say “hear these famous tales like you’ve never heard them told before”, and then you say “take a look” in the last sentence. Again, very minor, and I only noticed it the third time I read your introduction!

  7. Hi Lewis!
    I must say I love your introduction to your storybook. When you addressed the reader using 2nd person point of view with your first sentence, it really captures my attention. You wrote the story in a way that makes it seems like a show or a convention. It is light-hearted and I can see myself sitting in on this convention and really pay attention to the storytelling. I like that you named it "The Annual Convention of the Vertically Gifted" in your homepage. It is very creative and eye capturing and I would agree being a giant would be fun. You did well on introducing the giants and their stories in the last paragraph. Will you do a brief introduction to each giants in your story? Perhaps referencing how they were popularized by the mass and then the giants would tell their true story of what happened. Overall, I think it is well done and I really can't think of any other feedback besides going more into their backstory told by others and then them telling the true story in the giants' perspective, which I think that's the direction you're heading in anyway.

  8. Hey Lewis! I really enjoyed your storybook so far! I like that the narrator kinda sounds like how Rick Riordan (one of my favorite authors!) would write. I like how you started out with Goliath. I grew up hearing the story of David and Goliath and you always get to the bloody gory part where he beheads Goliath after. I was looking for it and wondering how you were going to explain it, and I was really surprised at how you handled it. I like the idea of David and Goliath becoming friends after the fight. But I wonder, if the Philistines were still enemies of Israel? Just something to wonder on I guess! Also, I liked the little nod to Polyphemus, as well. It's cool to see the little side conversations happening between the giants too! Great job though! I can't wait to hear about Hercules' and Antaeus' wrestling match! I think it's gonna be really good, if the last story is any indication!

  9. By far the best title/home page I have seen this semester! So congrats to you Lewis! It was very catchy and made me chuckle. Your Goliath story was very interesting to me. As a Christian I have grown up hearing the David and Goliath story, but I have never heard a version where they become friends after the fight. I was expecting a very bloody finale but I was pleasantly surprised with how you told that portion of the story. Your story kept me on my toes for sure. It was similar to the original but also made some drastic plot line twists that were very exciting to read. The one thing I would suggest is to add some backstory on the giants you talk about in your stories. This would make things easier on a reader who did not grow up hearing these stories. Other than that I really think you are headed in the right direction and I can't wait to come back and read more of your stories!

  10. Lewis,

    I really liked the creativity that you had for your introduction and story! You came up with such a great idea on how you were going to tell the stories of the giants. I loved the idea of having a convention for the giants each year where they get to come and meet up. The reporter was super funny as well! I love how he had to have a special chair to sit at the table with the giants. You did a great job with telling the story from Goliath's perspective! Do the same giants sit at the same table each year? Do they regularly meet up or live together in some place? I'm very curious as to where these giants come from, and what they do on a daily basis! I think it would be so cool if you provided some extra details on some of the questions I have listed. I love the idea of the giants sharing their stories with the reporters, but I would also love if you talked a little more about where they live and possibly some reasons why they stay away from other humans. I just think that stuff would be fun as well!

  11. Hello,
    I love the first paragraph that you have put into the introduction. It really drew me to think about all the different giant stories that I know. When you said that they live among us it made me feel like a kid again and remember all the times I would wonder what was out there. You have a great way with words and make the reader imagine everything that you write. I love how when the reporter asks if they would like to tell their stories you make it to where the giants start to argue. I feel like that really helped to show the dynamic between some of the people there. I was wondering what made you chose to make the seats of the chair come to the reporter's collarbone? When I read that in my head I pictured that they might be bigger since they are giants sitting in them.

  12. Hi Lewis,
    As a self-described “short king,” I would have never thought to do a storybook from the giant’s perspective. This seems like a very interesting topic, as the giant is a very popular foe in myths, especially when opposing a trickster or otherwise clever character. I think it is a good idea to have an outsider to the giant convention as the main narrator as it connects the stories while also allowing you to naturally explain aspects of the convention. In the first story you mentioned Polyphemus, is he going to get his own story? That would be interesting. I am curious to see how you would retell it. The narrator said he had good eyesight, so I assume things did not transpire exactly like how they did in the Odyssey. Of course, Polyphemus’s father is Poseidon, so maybe they did, and Poseidon healed his eye afterwards. Either way, I enjoyed Goliath’s side of the story. That is a good point that David bringing a sling is an underhanded tactic.

  13. HI Lewis,

    I love the idea you have gone with on your storybook! I would not have thought about doing a storybook about giants, I guess I don't really think about how many renowned giants there are in myths. Starting with Goliath seems fitting of course, as he is one that many of us think of when we are talking about biblical giants and stories from that long ago. The idea that a child could defeat a giant is very indicative of an underdog mentality. I do like how you decided to get the readers accustomed to a different narrator. I think the commentary you made on how maybe Goliath was not necessarily the bad guy was interesting though. People always do envision him as the antagonist, and don't really see the other side of things. I think that if you approach your other stories in a similar way, you will do a great job of giving a new point of view to the stories!

  14. Hi Lewis,

    Reading through your storybook has definitely been one of the most enjoyable set of stories I've read this semester. I love the way you took old ancient stories, and made them more like a sitcom where the original source material was simply overexaggerated. The setting of a bunch of immortal giants is also a great concept, since it gives the giants a reason to be together and share their stories of old. I enjoyed the rewriting of the giants from evil antagonists in their old stories into regular old dudes who had a scuffle or two with no bad blood. Goliath and Antaeus are always painted as the bad guys, with Antaeus being a bloodthirsty killer who collected skulls, so it's refreshing to see him as more of a WWE-type of character where it's just a job to him. You've done a really good job writing these stories, I hope to see more in the future!

  15. Hi Lewis,

    I read the Goliath story and to be honest, I loved it! I always love your attention to detail and that you used Goliath's story to set the scene for the reader. Personally, I'm not familiar with the story of David and Goliath but by picking up clues from your story, I think I kind of get the idea of the original story. I like that you gave the original story a happy ending. Instead of David outsmarting Goliath by using the slingshot, your version made it that the rule doesn't specify whether or not it they can use a slingshot. This reminds me of Arabian Nights with the story within story type of storytelling. I also like that you referenced other giants like Polyphemus from the Odyssey. Is everyone in the convention good? or will there be evil giants in the convention as well? I really don't have any feedback sorry.

  16. Hi Lewis,
    I have to say, your introduction had me grinning! Your descriptions and humor in the introduction were so fun to read. It sets the tone perfectly for your storybook. I have always loved stories about giants. Gulliver's Travels is a favorite story of mine. Yes, he was an average sized human but he was a giant to the beings he met during his travels. Jack and the Beanstalk is one of my favorites as well. So, I was really excited to see your project is about giants. I like that your story is set up as stories from the giant's point of view. Its nice to have your readers become situated with the convention hall. I was able to picture it perfectly. I am excited to read more of your stories.

  17. Hi Lewis!
    Upon reading your introduction I was chuckling. Writing as if the author was from a recent expose on giants really set the tone on how unique the content was. I love how you reconnected your audience with characters from many of our childhood stories like Paul Bunyan, to well-known historical figures like Goliath. The introduction overall was well written and was a excellent draw for your audience to clue them into what they would be reading about. Setting the scene in the convention hall was a great way to familiarize the audience, and gave us a vivid way to picture it with our imagination. Your website design is very similar to mine and I like it that way, I have gotten no complaints and I have no complaints to give you either. I am excited to continue reading your storybook in the future!
    Best wishes,

  18. Hi Lewis!
    I hadn't visited your storybook since the intro and I just HAD to come back to see if you had written any stories yet – I was so glad to see that you had written two since! I absolutely couldn't love the narrative you use throughout your stories more. It makes them each feel so alive and natural, as if there is an actual person telling real stories from their own point of view. After growing up in the church and knowing the story of Goliath like the back of my hand, I really enjoyed the new perspective you put on the Bible story in your Goliath chapter. I died when your reporter commented, "Wow, you don't read that in the books!" I also didn't know much about Antaeus before your story, so it was both informational and entertaining. I'll definitely be re-visiting your storybook in the next weeks to read your final story!

  19. Hi, Lewis.

    We're supposed to focus on images this week, and your images are great. I like how you include multiple in each story post.

    I really like how your stories are being told. Having a narrator and an interviewer getting first hand accounts about all these giant stories is great way to frame everything. I was wondering if you knew that David killed Goliath in the story at first. It's clever that your reporter is getting the inside scoop on things.

    I didn't know the story about Paul and his remaking of the Great Lakes. I liked how you told the audience he was a good storyteller, and then you proceeded to tell the story like a good storyteller. That's a cool skill to have.

    I do remember reading the story of John Walker in fifth grade. It's a cool story. Didn't he also grow up and die within a week or something?

    I'm glad your bones are dense, Lewis. Keep up the good work.

  20. Hey Lewis,
    I really enjoyed reading your introduction! I especially enjoyed how you write from the viewpoint of an individual in the story. The story was able to pull me in and I felt like I had already read one of your stories. You have a great voice in this introduction, and I am excited to see how you write in your stories. In the introduction, you communicate a lot of excitement, energy, curiosity, which all fit the idea of a journalist. I thought you did a great job introducing some of the characters you will be expanding on in your storybook. I enjoyed how each of the characters have a little bit of an introduction to who they are. One thing I confused about was if the story already has happened or is the convention in the future. It doesn't take much away from the introduction for me, but that's the main recommendation I have. Overall, I am looking forward to reading more stories from you!

  21. Hello Lewis,
    This has probably been one of my favorite storybooks yet! The entire premise is just great and the humor really shines through. I'm a huge fan of mashups, and envisioning all these characters from different ages and stories coming together in one place to talk crap and tell their side of things is very amusing. Envisioning figures from antiquity dressed the part, but speaking in modern parlance is great! The author's note for each of the stories was great in explaining some of the things readers might be unfamiliar with like wrestling throws or Polyphemus. Your pictures/GIFs were very appropriate for the stories and added greatly to the overall appeal of the blog. If you want to go the extra mile with the photos you could add different header photos to each story!
    All in all, this has been one of my favorites. Good job!

  22. Lewis,

    I really enjoyed reading your storybook, and I think you showcase a lot of creativity with the dialogue amongst the giants. The dialogue really helps with imagining the characters and helps to give insight into how their personalities are. I think your author's notes do a good job of informing the reader how the story might differ than the original as well as give outside details. For your Antaeus story, I liked how you included that you were a wrestler in the author's note as well as your thoughts about the match between Antaeus and Hercules. I wonder how people were selected to get into the convention. I also enjoyed your gifs as well! The gifs provided great visuals, and I think they help to draw the reader in more. I think you have done a great job with the stories, and I can't wait to see what else is to come!

  23. Hi Lewis!

    I must first start off by saying I love the concept for your storybook. The integration of humor both in the title and in the introduction starts off your storybook on a light and fun note and made me chuckle while reading. The matter of fact way you state giants are real sets the tone for your storybook in a nice way.

    The idea of telling these stories through the lense of a human reporter is so clever, and allows the reader to really get an interesting perspective on the giants, a perspective similar to their own! And this integrated with the giants telling the stories of what happened rather than telling them as they happen really makes for a great story telling format in general.

    The humor continues on in the dialogue between the giants! I love it! The snide remarks some giants are making when Goliath tells the story of David and Goliath are cracking me up! I think that choosing a well known story to set the scene was a great choice to get the reader acquainted with the convention for the vertically gifted.

    The feedback focus for this week was paragraphing, but I don't have any notes on that. I think you utilized paragraphs in a great way.

  24. Hi Lewis,
    Great storybook! I really like the idea behind the project. A modern-day convention of giants is a great way to bring together stories from vastly different time periods and cultures. It’s also nice that you managed to tell the stories from the giants’ perspectives, because it makes the reader reconsider classic tales where the giant is definitely the enemy. Your writing style is also very entertaining and easy to read, especially the dialogue. I loved the layout of each page, with the images on the left side and text on the right. It was nice that each page looked the same, and you could include a lot more visuals without breaking up the story that way. The epilogue did a great job wrapping everything up, and I liked the joke about Atlas. The only thing that confused me was how a reporter wrote the stories, but the type of writing didn’t seem very much like news. Overall, I loved reading this!

  25. Hello Lewis. I just read your introduction. I thought it did a good job setting the scene of your storybook. I think that it is also a really cool idea that giants have a convention that they go to every year to hangout at. I also think that it is a really good idea to tell the stories of the giants from their point of view. This gives the reader a different perspective of the stories they have heard and helps them understand and appreciate them more. Shifting focus to the story titled "Antaeus", the first thing I liked about the story was the banter between the other giants. It made your story comical and light-hearted. It really feels like these giants have known each other for a long time which adds a nice touch to the story. It also becomes easy to relate to the giants as this banter brings them down to earth. It makes them feel like normal people except for the fact they are giants. Overall, I really enjoyed your storybook.


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